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Awana Grand Prix

What is the Awana Grand Prix?

The Awana Grand Prix is a Pinewood-Derby style racing event with a nearly 50-year track record of fun and excitement. Awana Grand prix is more than just building a race car. It helps to build a bond between kids and their parents as they work together to design the best car ever!

How can my kids participate?

Register with Judy Aro. You can reach her

Who has to build the car?

Once you’ve received your Awana starter kit, the child should be the primary designer and builder of his car. Parents are allowed to help.

How will the cars be judged?

Cars will be judged on the design and speed. The child’s age and how much help he/she received from his/her parents will factor into the judging of the design of the car which includes carving, sanding, painting.

Any other rules?

  • Cars that have raced in another Grand Prix are not eligible.
  • Participant don’t need to be Awana clubbers.

This is a great project to work on with your child, a project that will create lasting memories. Fire up your engines and order your starter kit today! Remember to invite your friends and family!